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Mateusz Put

Full Stack Java Developer @ BJSS

“The platform makes it really easy to track the progress of all my interviews. My Talent Advocate provided me with lots of insider info to prepare too!”

Ishant Solanki

Front End Developer @ Digital Genius

“No agency or platform managed to get me the quality of roles that hackajob did. The algorithmic matching was spot on for what I wanted.”

Mehmet Kose

Senior Software Engineer @ Cisco

“Lots of good companies applied to me on hackajob, e.g. Apple, Capital One, Argos, Elsevier, Sage, and Cisco, where I am starting my new position!”

Jesús Salinas

Java Developer @ Sage

“hackajob got me a lot of offers effortlessly. They helped get me the different challenges I sought and the opportunity to become a senior engineer.”

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